Sunday, October 16, 2005

Swap 2 sign ups until Oct.31st

This swap will only run for one month and be for 1 set of 6 markers total, 3 pairs or whatever you choose to send, we won't have a questionaire keeping it simple.


your name, mailing address
email address
blgo (if available) no need to have one for this swap but definatly have to have an email and mailing address))

you can have as many partners as you choose number of people permitting of course.

Would like to have the swap completed by November break Wed November 23rd for school breaks, college and vacations. So anytime from reciving your partner(s) info until then will be appropreiate. You can also reveil yourself anyway you choose. Feel free to contact your partner via email to let her know something is on the way

Any questions? Let us know

Let the sign ups begin!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Thanks yous and nearing the end!

OK after all the confusion I'm glad that it's working out in the end

Not everyone's participation for the reveil which was optional anyway so I sent out all the ones that were received so everyone should receive them shortly if not already.

Also a HUGE thank you for the surprise RAK markers some included and to my pals.. I love them all and boy are lots of you very talented...

i dont' mind doing another swap but will promise to keep it very simple without any confusion will post more info to the blog soon!

Thanks again everyone it's been interesting & fun!

A special thanks to Jenn for jumping in and helping when I got to far behind had 2 minor cirisis over the past couple weeks DS knocked out cold with a bad concusion and my DD in an accident and rushed tot the hospital by ambulance. hopefully the thrid will not follow anytime soon!!! Life is strating to get back to somewhat noramlity this week... Children are feeling better
Thank you sooo much Jen!!

Also a HUGE thanks to the Angles that have jumped in at am oments noticed and surprises too!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Please Check your email

Please check the email account that you signed up for the swap with. Some people did not get all of their Aug and Sept markers. I am in the process of tracking down who did not keep their end of the bargin.

Any people out there that would like to be angels please drop an email to

Thanks everyone

(I'm helping out Michelle while she deals with some family issues)

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