Friday, July 15, 2005


Ok will be out of town and will get everyone there SP by the end of next week. So if you don't receive an email by them please contact me. A couple people had to back out so I've had to rearrange a few things so reminder to let people know that Monday July 25th midnight will be the last chance for anyone to sign up. I do send out a confirmation to everyone that I have signed up and your listed in the side bar participant list.

One more reminder that if you have a blog listed please place your questionaires on them by the last day of July....Your swap partners will be checking them out because all the first round of packages are due to be mailed by between Aug 1st and Aug 5th.

If you do NOT have a blog please email them to me ASAP and make sure you put questionaire into the subject line so I know where to place yours. Thay are also all DUE by July 25th as well. I'm still missing some!?

Where now at 52 SP!!!!! WOOHOOO!!! Can you imagine 400 stitch markers going out each month for the next 3 months!!!! WOW!! So exciting~! Mail is going to be good thats for sure!

I beleive I've responded and updated the blog with cancelations, new sign ups, so everything is up-to-date as of now. Not to worry if you email while I'm away I will responded next week please be patient since I'll be offline until then. Boy I hope I didn't forget anything!! ;o)

Thank you!
Have a great week...
Happy knitting and stitch marker making!


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