Saturday, June 18, 2005

First Stitch Marker Swap!

Hello Ladies & Gents!

Welcome to our first stitch marker swap. I hope that it will be successful with lots of participants. Please forward the information onto your friends. other bloggers, knitters, crocheters and any others.

The sign ups begin! Open until July 24th Midnight EST! Have posted a clok onthe top on the lighthouse for your convienence

Please send along the following information in be offically signed up.

Email your name, address & blog address if you have one. (not mandatory) and how many Sp partners you'd like to:

you send your swap partner 4 st markers each month for 3 consecutive months
They can be any color, anyway, beaded, wired, so lets see how creative everyone can be. In total you would recieve 12 markers and send out 12 markers
Since everyone makes different styles, colors, they're all unique. Can be small or even larger sized to fit needles 17 up tp 36 even whatever your heart desires.

All packages need to be shipped buy the 5th of each month. This will be open worldwide. Shipping will cost less for everyone!

***Please note to make this even more fun ~ your partner that you ship to may change each month and is not the same person that is shipping to you. Now we wouldn't want you to figure out who it is to soon now would we!

Questionaire will be posted soon for all to fill out and post on your blog if you don't have a blog not to worry email it to me and I'll forwadr it to your swap person or persons

A little twist to this, you can as many as 3 Sp MAX! So you'd send out 3 packages per month and receive 3 packages per month. So you can sign up for 1, 2 or 3 secret pals. 1 is total 12 markers, 1 is 24 markers and 3 is 36 markers.

All up to you so don't commit to too many unless you can keep up.
Not fair to have other make up the slack for you. If you decided you need to withdraw at any point for one reason or another life does happen outside our hobbied addictions please email me right away! If someone wants to be an Angel and make it up to someone who's partner dropped out for one reason or another please contact me so I can keep a list if we need to call on you.
Once you start receiving your markers it'd be nice to post them for everyone to view and to post a comment here for others to view and know that were a successful swap list!

If your interested I'd love to have you join. I'll make some buttons too and certainly if someone wants to help with them, I'd love the help. That'd be great!

Please dont' forget to spread the word, and please place a link on your site as soon as possible to spread the word 1 month to sign ups close which I'm sure will go by evry quickly. Everyone has lots of time to plan and shop for favorite things for some interesting stitch markers

Most importantly
Have fun & Enjoy!



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